Do you need working capital to conitnue To grow your small business? 
 With the increasing bank regulations, has your bank refused to help
  90% of financing requests at banks this year have been turned down! 
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Explore the Power of Factoring

Commercial Factoring is, without question, the most powerful form of finance which can be brought to bear on problems associated with Cash Flow and Payroll Finance.  It has been recently recognized as an "essential" form of of small business finance by the world's Central Banks.

In contrast to its power, versatility, and problem solving capabilities, factoring is actually the easiest and most readily accessed form of cash flow finance for B2B small business owners. 

In essence, factors are simply "waiters".  For businesses that invoice for sales and then must wait, 30, 45, even 60 days or longer to get paid, such slow-paying customers can severely cripple cash flow and cause a working capital crisis.

With a factor in place, a business sells its current receivables each week for immediate cash.  This immediately "frees up" capital and allows the business to operate normally.  The customers of the business still enjoy their 30, 45, or even 60 day terms of payment while the factor patiently waits to get paid. 

Long associated with the garment and textile industries, factoring now permeates the small business finance arena.  In today's modern economies, there are very few industries where factoring does not play a significant role in providing commercial finance alternatives.

Little or No Credit Required!

Factoring is easily the most accessible form of alternative commercial finance for small business entrepreneurs.  Because factors purchase invoices payable by customers of a business, credit decisions are based on the credit worthiness of those entities rather than that of the client.  For small business owners, factoring offers a powerful solution to problems of cash flow and allows small companies to compete head-to-head with larger, better financed operations.

Factoring Fees / Additional Services

Factoring Fees, that discount from an invoice face amount which is charged for the factor's service, have decreased dramatically over the last 10 years.  Today, a typical fee charged for invoices paid in 30 days is on a similar level or sometimes even less than the fee charged by a credit card company.  If all of your customers paid up front with a credit card, how would it affect your business?  Would having unlimited cash flow allow you to grow more rapidly?

Is Factoring the solution to your company's cash flow problems?  It may well be.  To find out, why not discuss your options with a Business Development Representative.
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