Do you need working capital to conitnue To grow your small business? 
 With the increasing bank regulations, has your bank refused to help
  90% of financing requests at banks this year have been turned down! 
At DialFinanceGroup, we have the solution and we get 92% of applicants approved!

Equipment Lending

UNDER $150,000

ABOVE $150,000



1.  Credit from $5,000 to $150,000 without financial statements. 
2.  Easy credit policies.
3.  Competitive rates.
4.  Fast, professional service.
5.  Flexible payment programs

1.  Credit from $150,001 to $5,000,000           for equipment.
2.  Competitive pricing.
3.  Flexibility in submission and funding.
4.  Prompt, professional service for the           life of your lease.

1.  Secure up to $100,000 without financial statements.
2.  Quick & simple application process – no up front costs.
3.  Use the cash for payroll, advertising– any business need.

1.  Provide needed capital to customers declined by the bank.
2.  Protect your customer’s depository relationship.
3.  Increase your banks fee income.
4.  Reduce risk to the bank.

Leasing Overview

Leasing is corporate America’s biggest external source of equipment finance.  It is bigger than bank loans, bigger than bonds, bigger than stocks, bigger than commercial mortgages.  It is the fastest growing form of business investment.  Over $75 billion of equipment was leased in 1984 and over $400 billion of equipment is estimated to be leased during the next year.
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