Do you need working capital to conitnue To grow your small business? 
 With the increasing bank regulations, has your bank refused to help
  90% of financing requests at banks this year have been turned down! 
At DialFinanceGroup, we have the solution and we get 92% of applicants approved!

Construction and/or Contract Financing

There are 14 forms of funding instruments available for contract financing:

1.  Progress Billing Financing
2.  Material Supply Financing
3.  Purchase Order Financing
4.  Contract Manufacturing Financing
5.  Work in Process Financing
6.  Mobilization Funding
7.  Payment Assurance Letters
8.  Scheduled Payroll Funding
9.  Traditional Factoring
10. ABL Lines of Credit
11. Business Cash Advances
12. Retail Installment Credit
13. Bonding Facilitation
14. Financial Commitment Letters
Bank Lending VS Contract Financing:

Bank approvals are based on the credit-worthiness of their customers.
Contract Financing approvals are based on the credit-worthiness of the customer's debtors.

Banks specialize in providing interim funding.
Contract Financing specializes in funding short term transactions.

Bank loan repayment measured in months.
Contract Financing repayment measured in days.

Banks rely on payback from the borrower.
Contract Financing relies on payback from the debtor through the Assignment of Proceeds.
Construction and Contract Financing transactions are by far the most difficult transactions to complete.  Due to our extensive portfolio of specialty lenders in these areas, we are able to provide an easy and seemless solution to the funding problems that have existed since the very beginning of the industrial age.  Think about what it would be like to not have to worry about how to fund a project?  How many more projects could you complete if the lack of cold hard cash wasn't holding you back?  If you would like to find out how we can provide you with much needed capital for each and every project, even bonded projects, Click Here and fill out the short form.
Have you attempted to get help from your bank?  Do you have judgement creditors, vendors over 90 days, blanket liens, tax liens, etc...?  We can help!  Contact Us and we will start working for you immediately to get you the needed funding for your small business!
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