Do you need working capital to conitnue To grow your small business? 
 With the increasing bank regulations, has your bank refused to help
  90% of financing requests at banks this year have been turned down! 
At DialFinanceGroup, we have the solution and we get 92% of applicants approved!

Asset Based Lending

Have you exhausted your efforts at the bank?

DialFinanceGroup offers asset based lending for companies that need to maximize their borrowing capacity using accounts receivable and inventory as collateral. Receivable based financing combined with inventory finance has become a useful tool for many undercapitalized businesses.

Easy Approval Process!

Unlike traditional bank debt that relies heavily on balance sheet ratios and cash flow projections as loan criteria, Dial Finance Group will evaluate a client's business assets as its primary focus to establish the borrowing base. The result is usually far greater borrowing power than can be achieved from a traditional cash flow banking approach due to our expertise in industry specialization
With an Asset Based Line of Credit, you will have access to much needed cash whenever you need it for things like purchasing more inventory, purchasing new equipment, repairs on existing equipment, hiring more workers due to increased growth, etc...
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