Do you need working capital to conitnue To grow your small business? 
 With the increasing bank regulations, has your bank refused to help
  90% of financing requests at banks this year have been turned down! 
At DialFinanceGroup, we have the solution and we get 92% of applicants approved!

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At Dial Finance Group, we are the one-stop financing source for today's small business entrepreneurs.  Our highly trained business development staff can provide your small business with critical capital it requires to survive in today's challenging economy.  we are experts in the areas of:
  • accounts receivable financing / factoring
  • inventory finance
  • purchase order finance
  • new or used equipment and new or used tractor/trailer financing
  • used equipment cash-out refinancing
  • import-export trade finance
  • merchant cash advances (credit card receivables)
  • construction related financing:
    • financing for materials delivered to the job site and billed as "stored materials"
    • covering project upfront, contract start-up costs
    • covering contract payroll cost, BEFORE invoicing, for work performed, approved, but not yet billed
    • providing working capital through cash advances against approved invoices, including bonded contracts
    • covering up front, out of pocket costs for bonds, workers comp, and liability insurance premium payments
It's no secret...banks aren't lending.  And, with nearly 1,000 banks now operating under some form of restrictive regulatory agreement, it is highly unlikely that ready access to growth capital for small business entrepreneurs improves in the near future.

For America's small business, seeking out and arranging for alternative sources of growth capital has never been more important.  At Dial Finance Group, we are experts in providing alternative commercial finance solutions.  Through our extensive network of lending institutions and banks, we will provide what you need today and well into the future.  If you have questions or would like additional information on how DialFinanceGroup can help your business grow and prosper well into the future, Please Click Here!

For questions or comments or to request more information, please e-mail us at:
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In Immediate Working Capital?

 We Finance Start-Ups!

Tired of hearing your bank say "NO"?

Start up and early stage financing is, without question, the most difficult form of financing to secure for small business entrepreneurs.  For those that do business on a B2B basis, however, accounts receivable finance can often provide the solution to critical working and growth capital needs.  Find Out More!  Explore the world of FACTORING and see how it can help you grow your business exponentially.

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